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  How does your door fit onto my dishwasher door?

Your dishwasher will come with a fixing kit.

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  Do you make a housing for an integrated dishwasher?

Your integrated dishwasher will sit on the floor and so doesn’t need a housing, however we make a door with its own cabinet front frame to fix to the dishwasher so that it matches the rest of the kitchen.

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  Can you build around my US style fridge freezer?

Yes. Please see our gallery for some examples.

For the sides you have a choice of tall end panels (PP022) at 40mm wide, tall posts (pp015/16/17) at 90mm wide, or tall larders with either chrome pull out mechanisms or adjustable shelves.

The narrowest pull-out larder is 400mm wide.

Another alternative is a single column width wine rack.

To go between whatever you choose for the sides, and above the fridge freezer, you can choose from fridge top boxes (WALL007) with 1 or 2 doors, side or top hinged.

The minimum height for a fridge top box is 350mm, top hinged is best for smaller doors.

Alternatively, you can have a wine rack (WALL010), or an open shelf unit (WALL015).

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  Can I put a fridge freezer against a wall?

Be careful that you leave enough space to open the door fully as the US style fridge freezer doors can be quite thick, and if you don't leave enough room to open the door fully you may not be able to remove shelves and drawers for cleaning, etc.

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  Can you make a housing for an integrated fridge freezer?

Yes. We can make a housing for any make and model of integrated fridge freezer.

The minimum height for a fridge freezer housing is 2005mm including plinth and cornice. You can have it higher if you have the ceiling height to stand it up. We make use of the extra height by putting a shelf above the fridge freezer (behind our top door.)

You will need to allow 680mm width, even if your model is narrower.

The item code is COOL001.

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  Can you "hide" a freestanding microwave?

Yes. We can make a larder top without a base (LARDTOP003, LARDTOP008, LARDTOP014) so that when you open the doors the microwave is sitting on the worktop ready to be used, but you can close the larder doors when its not in use. You need to check your Microwaves instructions regarding air circulation, etc.

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  Can you make an oven housing?

Yes, you can have a single oven under the worktop, this is an OVEN001.

For a double oven under the worktop, you don't need a housing as the larger ones sit on the floor, and the smaller ones sit on brackets attached to the cabinet each side.

You can also have mid height oven housings for a single built in oven, a microwave, coffee machine or steam oven.

We can supply tall oven housings for just about any combination of oven, microwave, coffee machine, etc. You can change the 2 doors over and below the oven to 1 door, and you can swap the door/s under the oven for Pan drawers.

The oven housings are 680mm wide.

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  Can I have my microwave in a wall unit?

Yes, if its an integrated microwave built specifically to go into a wall cupboard. They tend to be less deep so that they fit into a standard 300mm deep kitchen wall unit. This makes them smaller overall, and mostly, fairly basic. back to top of page.

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 Can my tall oven housing go right up to the ceiling?

No, because you won't be able to stand the cabinet up in the kitchen. (the diagonal measurement as you stand it up corner to corner is more than the actual height).

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  What make of oven do I have to buy to fit your housing?

Please see our Downloads page for our appliance list. This lists all the popular appliances that will fit into standard apertures. For example the list for single ovens contains over 80 ovens. We can also make non-standard apertures if you have specific requirements.

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  Can I have a mid-height oven cabinet?

You can have a mid height oven housings for a single built in oven, a microwave, coffee machine or steam oven.

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  Can I have a drawer under the oven in my single oven housing?


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