Bespoke Options

 Cabinets in any height, width or depth

2. You can have 95% of those cabinets in any height, width or depth you need. This is one of the best bits in terms of the difference it makes to your kitchen:

Any height: This means you can proportion your cabinets to your ceiling height. Most kitchen brochures will show staged kitchens with just the right ceiling height. But if your ceiling height isn’t the same, or varies, your kitchen won’t look like the brochure.

If you take a look at our customer gallery on our website you will see photos of real kitchens sent in by customers. What they all have in common is that they were able to proportion the cabinet heights to the ceiling height, so they don’t look too big and overpowering or too small and under sized.

Note in the pic below, the larder and wall cupboards are proportioned so that there is just the right amount of space between the cupboard tops and the ceiling. With standard heights, it's easy to leave too much space or too small a space.


If you are building an extension, chances are you will have an RSJ or beam running across the ceiling. With our cabinets we can get the right proportions and still maximise storage space. You can also have different heights in different areas of the room, and we can even make a feature out of what would be a problem for other kitchen companies.

It's not just tall cabinets that need to be made in varying heights, if you are having an AGA, we can make your base units to the right height whether you Aga is sitting on the floor or on a concrete plinth. Some new range cookers are also not standard size, but again we can just make your cabinet at whatever height you need.  Also note the unique way this mantel is constructed (see the designers note).


Any width: There are a few rules in kitchen design that have stood the test of time because they just work. One of these is that your tap looks best in the centre of a window. If you can have any cabinet at any width, a run of cabinets can be made to measure to achieve this. If you have standard or limited size cabinets it can’t be done without the use of big fillers and lots of tray spaces.The same problem occurs when a run of cabinets meets a door or a window. With our cabinets you can stop the run at just the right space from the start of the door to allow a proper size worktop overlap before the door architrave starts, or to allow the return cornice to go down the side of the wall cupboard before the window starts.

Some customers like their kitchen to look symmetrical if possible, and because with our cabinets the widths of the whole run can often be adjusted, we can do it where others often can't. Note the symmetry either side of the sink, and the tap in the centre of the window.


Any depth: if you have a pillar/soil pipe box we can make a reduced depth cabinet to sit in front of it so that it matches the rest of a run of cabinets. You can even have a smaller drawer, or even 1 dummy drawer and 1 real one in the same cabinet! If you need the cabinet to fit around the pillar we can do that too building a cabinet so that it fits snugly around the pillar.

Note In the drawing below the base and wall cupboards end just the right distance from the kitchen door. Note also that the 2 door wall cupboard is deeper than the microwave housing to make a feature of the area.